Online Conversions - basic

A new version of NZGD2000 (version 20171201) was released on 14 January 2018. The deformation model in this version includes "patches" for the movement due to the Kaikoura earthquake of 14 November 2016 and subsequent post-seismic deformation. For more information on this update see the LINZ website.

The WGS84 system is implemented using the WGS84_G1762 reference frame at the current date

Input coordinates: New Zealand Map Grid
Output coordinates: World Geodetic System 1984 (G1762)
Conversion epoch: 2018.721
The transformation of NZGD1949 coordinates uses a grid transformation
Enter coordinates below then press "Convert coordinates"

eg: 6752871.3
eg: 2939247.5
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If you want to convert more than 5 coordinates at a time use the free format entry advanced option.

Hint: Bookmark this page if you need to do this conversion often.