LINZ Geodetic database

Update: 9 July 2018

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LINZ is seeking your input on your current use and perceptions of the products and services provided by the LINZ PositioNZ network. The results will be used to make sure your GNSS/GPS needs are met in the future.

The survey should take 5 minutes to fill out and is open until Monday 13 August 2018.

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Local Vertical Datum Height Discrepancy

Local vertical datum heights were updated on 14 January 2018 based on the Kaikoura earthquake geophysical deformation model. However, a further refinement based on post-earthquake observations is planned and will be implemented in the next few months.

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The Geodetic Database can be used to search for and download information about 128343 geodetic marks in New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and Antarctica.

The database can be accessed by searching on a map or by using a text only version. The geodetic database is also available on Android and Apple mobile devices.