LINZ Geodetic database

Large Geodetic Coordinate Update

An update of approximately 80,000 geodetic coordinates occurred on 30 June. This improved the accuracy of coordinates and accounted for the effects of the 2013 Cook Strait and Lake Grassmere earthquakes and the 14 February 2016 Christchurch earthquake. Previous coordinates for a mark can be accessed by selecting "Historical values" on the "Mark details" page for that mark.

Preparing PositioNZ-RT for Multi-GNSS – can you connect?

We are taking advantage of the new satellite positioning systems now available in New Zealand by providing the RTCM 3.2 MSM (Multiple Signal Messages) format which offers faster and more accurate positioning. It will eventually replace the current format across the network.

Can you connect to the new format? We want to know?

Let us know before 30 September on the feedback form or read more about the change.

The Geodetic Database can be used to search for and download information about 124229 geodetic marks in New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and Antarctica.

The database can be accessed by searching on a map or by using a text only version. The geodetic database is also available on Apple mobile devices. The Android geodetic mark app is currently under redevelopment to be compatible with modern Android operating systems. It is expected to be released in mid 2016.