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15 February 2018 - New Geodetic App Version

A new version of the Geodetic Marks App is available for Apple mobile devices. An Android version is also available. This new version includes several major enhancements.

Orthometric Height Discrepancy - Update Complete

The NZGD2000 Kaikoura deformation model update included a correction for both ellipsoidal and orthometric heights. The NZGD2000 ellipsoidal heights were then further updated using the results of a least squares adjustment. This led to a discrepancy between orthometric heights in the database and orthometric heights calculated from the NZGD2000 ellipsoidal heights.

The NZVD2016 heights have now been updated.

Local vertical datum heights have not been updated, but new transformation grids will be published, in the next couple of months, to better reflect the new relationship between NZGD2000 and the local vertical datums.

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NZGD2000 Kaikoura deformation model update

NZGD2000 version 20171201 was released on 14 January 2018 and PositioNZ-RT coordinates were updated on 23 January 2018.

For more information on this update see the LINZ website

The Geodetic Database can be used to search for and download information about 127727 geodetic marks in New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and Antarctica.

The database can be accessed by searching on a map or by using a text only version. The geodetic database is also available on Android and Apple mobile devices.

Fill in the criteria for the marks you want to search for below, then press one of the buttons to get a list of matching geodetic marks.

Search by name

If you know the geodetic code or name of the mark you are interested in, enter this information here

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Search by location

If you know roughly where the mark is you can

either enter the midpoint and extents of a search range
Coordinate system
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or enter Topo50 map sheet:   (eg BM37)

Order of coordinates

You can filter the returned marks by specifying acceptable orders for the coordinates of the marks returned.

Click on the column headings to learn more about the orders of coordinates.

NZGD2000 order
  Zero order
  First order
  Second order
  Third order
  Fourth order
  Fifth order
  Lower orders
NZGD1949 Order
  First order
  Second order
  Third order
  Fourth order
  Fifth order
  Sixth order
Vertical order
  First order
  Second order
  Third order
  Fourth order
  Fifth order

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