PositioNZ is LINZ's Global Positioning System Active Control Network. Through this site you can download GPS 30 second RINEX files from the active control stations which you can use with remote GPS station data to determine precise positions in terms of New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000. More ....

PositioNZ-RT – real-time data streams

Find out how to access real-time data from PositioNZ stations. more...

Precise satellite orbits can be obtained from International GPS Service (IGS).


How to use the map

The map shows those stations currently operating and from which data can be obtained. Click on a station to select. A selected station will change colour.

PositioNZ stations

Clicking on a station when this tab is selected (default view) gives you access to the following information about the station:
  • Station description from the LINZ geodetic database
  • Photograph of the site

Velocity model

The velocities of stations in the active control network.

Download data

Download data from any of the stations in RINEX format. You specify the stations and the date and time ranges.

Additional options for obtaining data from the PositioNZ GPS data service