NZ Topo - object class geo_bore_pnt

This page describe the geo_bore_pnt object class used to represent objects in the NZTopo topographic database.


A hole drilled to tap into a geothermal field; resulting steam and/or pressure is used in the production of electricity, for drying, heating etc.

Topo50 description

Geothermal bores were orginally captured by surveryors in the field. As they are not always visible on imagery, these features are left unchanged unless more current information becomes available

Representation specification

Representation specification showing geo_bore_pnt

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See also: fumarole_pnt

Class attributes

Object classgeo_bore_pnt
Entity classWELL
Additional entity classNot applicable
Object inheritancegraphic_point
Entity sourceUS Standard Entity
Map series Topo50
LSLIFF object class48

Object attributes

This object class does not have attributes.

Change log

Feature versionRevisedDescription
52012-08-28Updated map image and aerial view; added representation specification and example feature photographs
42012-08-28Added scale-specific definitions
32010-03-01Added name_macronated attribute
22001-11-23Unspecified update
11999-03-01intial status