NZ Topo - object class reservoir_poly

This page describe the reservoir_poly object class used to represent objects in the NZTopo topographic database.


Reservoir; receptacle in which a large quantity of water is stored

Topo50 description

Only those significant either by their size or location are held in the data and shown on the printed maps. Some reservoirs have been captured as 'lakes' with an attribute of lake_use = reservoir

Representation specification

Representation specification showing reservoir_poly

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Class attributes

Object classreservoir_poly
Entity classTANK
Additional entity classLAKE
Object inheritancesimple_area
Entity sourceUS Standard Entity
Map series Topo50
LSLIFF object class333

Object attributes

AttributeLSLIFF code
Shapefile field
Data type
Attribute descriptionAttribute values*
A unique identifier for use on Topo50 data in the LINZ Data Service. This is not a universal ID. The intention is to manage these ID’s as persistent, however this is not guaranteed and there will be instances where what appears to be a minor change to a feature may result in a new ID being assigned.

* See explanation of attribute values for more information about how attribute values are represented.

Change log

Feature versionRevisedDescription
62012-08-28Updated map image and aerial view; added representation specification and example feature photographs
52012-08-28Added scale-specific definitions
42010-03-01object class change
32008-04-10Removed reference to seed and void objects
22001-11-23Unspecified update
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